Picardi B.V. is a family business which has been established in 1975, by Mr G. Wessels.
The company is from the start located in Vroomshoop, a small village in the Netherlands. Produced was first from a small space behind the house on Vriezenveenseweg 31.

In 1993 we moved to a business premises on Vriezenveenseweg 34a.

In 2000, Mr H. Wessels took over the company from his father.

Because of health reasons, Hans Wessels has resigned his position as managing director on the 1st of April 2018.
Hans has appointed Johan Gerrits, experienced for 36 years, as the new managing director.

The versed team consists of 10 persons.
Picardi B.V. is a family business

November 15, 2018   Henk Dekker 25th anniversary.
February 1,     2019   Bernard Timmer 40th anniversary.

Tel. +31 (0)546 645774
e-mail:  info@picardi.nl